Caring For Leather Business Card Holders

You know just how important business card holders are for you. You know how efficiently it helps you get organized. You know that they’re a fixture of your corporate identity. And because you know all these, you buy yourself a business card holder. Of course, you put a high premium on tastefully selected items, so naturally, you don’t settle for a simple business card holder. You get a leather business card holder, no less!

So, how do you take care of your leather business card holder?

1. Keep your leather business card holder dust-free.

In caring for any piece of leather, the best thing to do is keep it free of dust. The dustier leather business card holders are, the more creased they become. In fact, dust acts like sandpaper, cutting on the finish.

There are many ways for you to keep your leather business card holders clean. Different kinds of dirt, however, are remedied in different ways.

Dust: Wipe this off with a dry cloth or a brush.

Ink and pen marks: Pump your hairspray once or twice on the area with ink and pen marks. Then, blot it with a paper towel.

Spots: Make a cleansing solution that’s 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Then, spray it on the spots. This method is particularly effective on sugar and alcohol spots.

Oil/Grease: This can be removed from leather business card holders with a spray-on spot remover. Another thing you could use is rubber cement. Apply it over the spot. Leave it on until it dries, and then carefully rub it off.

2. Condition your leather business card holder.

If your hair needs conditioning, so does your leather business card holder. Conditioning, in this case, entails adding oils and conditioners to replace those that have dried up.

The frequency of leather conditioning depends on how frequently you shine your leather business card holder. Certain types of leather require more conditioning than others. If you live in a place with dry climate, you should condition your leather business card holder more. Be careful not to go overboard with the conditioner, though. After all, leather is leather, and it can only absorb so much.

3. Apply polish on your leather business card holders.

Your leather business card holders are not footwear, but they require polishing just the same. Treat them to a polish rubdown. Polish is good because not only does it protect leather from being ruined by rain, it also prevents leather from drying out.

In choosing leather polish, do not pick the quick-dry ones. Those contain alcohol, which dries out leather. Use cream polishes, but be sure to match the polish with the color of your leather. When in doubt over the color, take the time to test it on a small area of your card holder first.

John Keats writes, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The same could be said of leather. Leather is known for its beauty and durability. Keep your leather business card holder a joy forever by making sure it stays clean, well-conditioned, and polished.

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The Best Business Card Holder

Which is the best business card holder? There are just too many business card cases available in the market today. Because of the great demand for the products, it is not surprising that there are numerous brands coming up to offer what they claim as the best card holders in the market. If you are searching for the best leather business card holder, for instance, you could closely look at several popular names out in the market. There are Italian, French and Chinese brands for such products. You could actually set your own measurement or standard in classifying the best and most reliable business card cases there are in the market.

What makes the best business card holder? Of course, the initial search should focus on functionality. A leather business card holder is durable and is more reliable as leather is resistant to high heat and even a certain amount of moist. Moreover, because of its hard surface, the leather business card holder could also be just the right item to prevent bending and fraying of business or calling cards. Almost all business card holder products available are useful and functional, so based on this criteria, it could be hard to tell which one is better.

Consumers and businessmen will unanimously agree that the best business card holder is the one that exudes fashion. If you could be fully confident storing business cards in a leather business card holder, or if you could hear praises and flatteries about your card case, you have successfully found and purchased the best business card holder. Otherwise, you should resume your search and continuously strive to find the very best in the market.

What is in a brand or a product name? The brand of course tells of a long history of quality and performance. In the luxury goods and leather market, the best brands are those that have withstand the challenges of times. The best brands have overcome different obstacles because consumers have been very aware of their performance. Thus, in the choice of a leather business card holder, those designed and produced by the best brands are sure fire hit among consumers and buyers.

Lastly, the best business card holder need not be too expensive. These days, people are more practical. Best values are those that are affordable and reasonable, yet the quality of the leather business card holder exudes its tag price value.

Business Card Holder One Must Have For Their Business Table

Business card holders are indispensable items for your business table. These come in varied sizes and shapes to suit your needs. They are also a reflection of your refined taste and likings.

Business cards had their beginnings in 17th century Europe. These are pocket-sized cards normally giving contact details of your company or yourself. Offering your business card starts the process of setting up a business relationship. While going on a client visit your business card is carried on yourself. However, inside office, your cards are displayed and stored in elegant business card holders on your working table.

Card holders are designed for specific purposes. Within your office itself, you may need card holders of different shapes and capacities depending on where they are placed. The holders of different varieties for holding business cards come in same line as other utility articles like newspaper and magazine stands, art and poster stands, bookstands, and key ring stands.

The various styles of business card holders include:

Single business card holder � Made of moulded plastic, this card holder is used for displaying one card used for showing your name. For improved visibility, it is slightly sloped backward and made of clear plastic material. Measuring 88 mm in width, 36 mm in depth and 8 mm in height it is designed to hold cards measuring up to 90 mm width in its landscape form.

Apart from business table, the single business card holder is used in training sessions, meetings and dinner table settings. Delivery is affected within one working day.

Single pocket landscape Business Card Holder � This card holder is made of clear moulded plastic for untroubled visibility. This card dispenser with a capacity of about 40 cards of approximately 93 mm width is perfect for you’re your office table. Deliveries are carried out within 1 day of order placement.

Single pocket Portrait Business Card Holder � This card holder is best suited for your work table. In case your business card has a portrait profile this card dispenser is most apt. This card dispenser of optically clear plastic can hold around 40 business cards of roughly 53 mm width. Deliveries are made within one working day.

4 pockets Landscape Business Card holder � This business card holder is elegantly designed in 4 tiers each allowing for about 40 cards of 93mm width to be stored. It is ideally used by multiple individuals having same business interests. It is ideally used in presentations, which are attended by numerous people. The sleek design enables storage of multiple cards within a small space. Clear moulded plastic material gives the card holder a smart look. Deliveries are carried out within one working day.

8 pockets Landscape Business card Holder – This landscape business card holder is designed with 4-tiers with 2 pockets in each. With a total capacity to hold nearly 320 cards 93 mm wide, this moulded plastic card holder is appropriate for a large organisation with multiple divisions or a departmental store. Deliveries are made within 1 working day.