Caring For Leather Business Card Holders

You know just how important business card holders are for you. You know how efficiently it helps you get organized. You know that they’re a fixture of your corporate identity. And because you know all these, you buy yourself a business card holder. Of course, you put a high premium on tastefully selected items, so naturally, you don’t settle for a simple business card holder. You get a leather business card holder, no less!

So, how do you take care of your leather business card holder?

1. Keep your leather business card holder dust-free.

In caring for any piece of leather, the best thing to do is keep it free of dust. The dustier leather business card holders are, the more creased they become. In fact, dust acts like sandpaper, cutting on the finish.

There are many ways for you to keep your leather business card holders clean. Different kinds of dirt, however, are remedied in different ways.

Dust: Wipe this off with a dry cloth or a brush.

Ink and pen marks: Pump your hairspray once or twice on the area with ink and pen marks. Then, blot it with a paper towel.

Spots: Make a cleansing solution that’s 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Then, spray it on the spots. This method is particularly effective on sugar and alcohol spots.

Oil/Grease: This can be removed from leather business card holders with a spray-on spot remover. Another thing you could use is rubber cement. Apply it over the spot. Leave it on until it dries, and then carefully rub it off.

2. Condition your leather business card holder.

If your hair needs conditioning, so does your leather business card holder. Conditioning, in this case, entails adding oils and conditioners to replace those that have dried up.

The frequency of leather conditioning depends on how frequently you shine your leather business card holder. Certain types of leather require more conditioning than others. If you live in a place with dry climate, you should condition your leather business card holder more. Be careful not to go overboard with the conditioner, though. After all, leather is leather, and it can only absorb so much.

3. Apply polish on your leather business card holders.

Your leather business card holders are not footwear, but they require polishing just the same. Treat them to a polish rubdown. Polish is good because not only does it protect leather from being ruined by rain, it also prevents leather from drying out.

In choosing leather polish, do not pick the quick-dry ones. Those contain alcohol, which dries out leather. Use cream polishes, but be sure to match the polish with the color of your leather. When in doubt over the color, take the time to test it on a small area of your card holder first.

John Keats writes, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The same could be said of leather. Leather is known for its beauty and durability. Keep your leather business card holder a joy forever by making sure it stays clean, well-conditioned, and polished.

Business Card Holder For The Smart And Stylish You

Business card is crucial for your business. You can bank on your business card in order to gain prospective clients. Any social gathering that you attend, or an official meeting which you attend, you can distribute your business cards on such events to people whom you meet there for the first time, and for all you know, your business card could as well bring you clients for your business. Having spoken about the importance of business cards, it is of utmost importance for your business that you have the right kind of card holder for your business cards. A business card holder is a style statement in itself. If you are carrying a good business card holder, that gives you that benefit of a good first impression on your prospective clients. There are various kinds of business card holders which are available. You can choose the business card holder which suits your purpose and style.

No matter how much we have advanced technologically, you would still like to keep your cards in business card holders. You can have multiple business cards stored in the business card holders. A basic tip to be well versed with, if you are going for a social gathering is, keep some of your business cards in your pocket separately, and keep the rest of your business cards in your card holder. For the ease of smoothly being able to take out your business card from your pocket, make sure that you do not use the same pocket to keep your own business card and those that you receive from others. That would give you a clumsy feel and when you fumble among many cards to bring out your own business card that would not be a good impression on your prospective clients. If you are out on a networking meeting, make sure that you have enough number of business cards separately stored in your pocket, rather than having all of your business cards stored in your card holder. Apart from having your business cards stored in the card holder, also ensure that you have a very small number of business cards handy with you at all times, as you never know when you might need to distribute your business card.

There are different designs to chose from, when it comes to card holders. The two primary designs related to card holders would be portrait card holders, and landscape card holders. Landscape designs are found more abundantly, when compared to portrait card holders. There are other stylish options to choose from as well. Card holders for your business cards can also be the traditional leather case kinds, or even the internationally made card holders. These card holders can also be a very good gift for the people in your professional sphere. Engraved card holders serve as a very good gift item. These card holders can also serve the purpose of protecting your business card from any sort of external damage. With the various designs that are available for your card holder, and the different purpose that it serves, you would surely be spilt for choice when you go to select a card holder that suits your need.

Make Your Business Card Holder Speak For You

Business card is a card that bears professional information about a person, including name, address, contact number, name of the organization he/she is with and designation. In the corporate world, exchanging business cards with people during introduction is a formality. Corporate people always carry a bunch of business card with them and they store the cards in well decorated business card holders. Business card holder is a case which is designed specially to hold lots of visiting cards. Many people believe that a business card holder symbolizes their personality and choices and that’s why they use stylish card holders.

In the market, you will find endless varieties of business card holders. Starting from cheap fiber-made card holders to dazzling metal holders, you will get it all. When somebody pulls up a visiting card from a dazzling gold or silver plated business card it certainly sends a message to the person receiving it. It is a style statement no doubt but one that may play some psychological game with the person you are getting introduced to. These days, leather business card holders are also favorite among lots of people. A shining leather-finish business card holder adds a lot to the corporate personality of an individual. Another reason behind the preference for leather business card holders is its multi-purpose use. One can use a leather business card holder like a wallet also. These card holders provide enough space to carry cash and ATM cards along with a significant number of business cards. While carrying a leather business card, you can ignore your wallet at home.

Women too have fascinations for business card holders. While men prefer leather and metal-made card holders, ladies are fond of crystal card holders that add a lot to their glamour. Besides, lot of lady professionals carry flat metal card holders inside their suits and jackets.

Though business card holders are mainly carried by people, there are holders that are specially designed to place over desk top. Desk top business card holders are mainly made of crystal, glass or transparent fibers. High rank-holding professionals, who do not get out of their cabin too often, keep such business card holders on their desk top. Like all other types of card holders, the desktop business card holders are double-sided cases. AT one side, the person who sits in the cabin keeps his/her cards and keep the cards of people whom he/she meets on the other side. Apart from giving the corporate courtesy a formal look, the desktop business card holders add to the get up of an office cabin. When set over a desk top, a crystal clear business card holder certainly attracts eyeballs of many.

A business card holder also makes a good gift item. It is an all season gift and can be presented to anybody except children. You can gift a business card to somebody on anniversary or wedding or at occasion of celebrating his/her success as a professional. Business cards of different types and looks are available in the gift stores. You just need to pick up one which you think will suit the personality of the individual for whom you are buying it.